Found in Nature is a photography exhibition by artist Barry Rosenthal.

Rosenthal is a collector, the beach his flea market and found objects his inspiration. His photography work is organized in various steps: commuting, selection, recollection, arrangement, composition, lighting, photographing and printing. Exploring the gap between photography and sculpture, Barry confronts a challenge, he takes care of what others no longer care about.  

He visits forgotten beaches in Brooklyn in NY harbor not manicured for people’s use. Rosenthal’s objects are found in the marsh, neither retrieved from the garbage nor the streets; they are mostly washed up after the storms.  Some viewers remain captured by the beauty in his ‘still lives’ while others react to the vision of our uncontrollable garbage.

Whether glass bottles, plastic spoons and forks, or petrol containers, the intimacy of this work holds universal appeal.

For more information about the exhibition please check the press release

Image: ©Barry RosenthalForks, Knives & Spoons, 2011, Digital C-print, 21 x 21 inches, edition of 7